Bootleg Tapes

Here you can find our collection of bootleg tapes. Everything you see here is a store-bought blank tape with a pro cover and a label on the tape, all inside a nice case. No rip-offs!

~ Terrorazor - Dead World (Great French DeathGrind with tons of killer riffage. $5)
~ Terrorazor - Samhain Darkness (Probably the best tape these guys have ever put out. Definitely recommend it! $5)
~ Terrorazor - Watching You Die (Some more great grind riffing from French DeathGrinders TERRORAZOR. $5)
~ Terrorazor - Haunted Places (An awesome demo chock full of sick grind riffage for all you grind maniacs out there. $5)
~ Spewtilator - Thrash N Splash (Kickass US Thrash Metal with some low, dirty production but riffs that come through clearly and brutally. Definitely some of the best thrash I've heard. $5)
~ Worship - The Last Tape Before Doomsday (Very gritty, very forsaken, very hollow Funeral Doom from Belgium. You think Wormphlegm is good? These guys blow them out of the water. $5)
~ Terrorazor - Apocalyptic Visions (Same deal as the last five. $5)

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