Friday, September 28, 2012


Hey guys, what's happening? Sorry I've been absent for the longest time. Recently I've been VERY busy working in the summer and some extra stuff has happened to change the situation. Recently, my girlfriend and I have found out that we're expecting, so life has thrown a curveball once more. That being said, in regards to the label, I'm reviving some old deals and making some re-releases of old forgotten stuff. I'm in the process of choosing and arranging artwork for a new (old) tape coming out on Ancient Incantations Records that will be available for purchase through paypal. Anyways, the tape I speak of in particular would be Hibernum "COLD & WORSE". It's some 9 year old black metal release from Croatia that never garnered much attention, and almost nothing is known about the actual band or the members. It's probably likely that without this release, the music would stay underground forever, but I bring you the accursed verses of such black wizards, to blasph... fuck it, just buy one.